Henry Tofts - Level Designer

I work here!


My background experience is predominantly software and design orientated as regards to both the degree I undertook and my own personal interests.


I have always had a passion for gaming since owning a Sega Master System, (pre-loaded with ‘Alex kid in Wonderland’) and since then I have acquired nearly every console that has arrived on the shelves since.


Highly motivated and determined, games for me is an art form that never gets boring and has the potential to blow peoples minds or make them collapse with laughter. I hope to accomplish that in all my work.


Currently I can be found at Splash Damage as a Senior Level Designer mentoring junior designers and dreaming up fun things to do with primitive shapes!



Email: [email protected]

Location: London, United Kingdom

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/henry-tofts



Unreal Engine 3, 4

Source SDK

Unity 3D






Level Designer - Gears 5

Level Designer - Gears of War 4

Level Designer - Trials HD Big Pack

Level Designer - Trials HD Big Thrills

Level Editor - Trials Legends

Game Design - Rust Buccaneers


QA Tester

Alien Isolation

Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Arena

Total War: Attila

TW: Warhammer

Win10 Gears of War:Ultimate Edition

Gears of War 4